Furthur Breaks Out MY BROTHER ESAU on April 10, 2012 at the Beacon Theatre! This was one of the most requested songs for years; Bob Weir said he couldn’t perform it until he adjusted the lyrics some to make sense now… not sure the exact changes*, but Bobby was ready to do it. Other long lost songs people want to see… Gomorrah (with john Kadlecik singing , ideally) and Lazy Lightning.

*from DHL Facebook fan Darrell:

A quick comparison between the recent Furthur version, the version with The National, and the “In The Dark” version shows the following changes:

VERSE 1 – Furthur version – “in the year 2009” replaces “back in 1969” or “back in 1959 (National version)”

VERSE 2 – National and Furthur versions – “he won’t miss his birthright anyway, ain’t like it’s worth all that much today” replaces “Esau skates on mirrors anymore, and meets his pale reflection at the door”

VERSE 3 – National version – “the more my brother looks like me, the more I understand the empty war that bloodied both our hands” replaces “the more my brother looks like me, the less I understand the silent war that bloodied both our hands”

We kind of expected it… Bob played it for the first time in many years at TRI with The National 3.24.2012

Then he tried it again, solo acoustic at the Fox Oakland on 3.31.2012

Here is a Grateful Dead version from 1984 in Ventura.