Mar 192012

Phil Lesh and Friends
– Jackie Greene, Jimmy Herring, Grahame Lesh, Brian Lesh, Joe Russo, Jeff Chinemti
Terrapin Crossroads
Sunday March 18 201

1st set:

Here Comes Snshine  (GL) >
Feelin’ Allright (CR)
Big  River (BL) >
Cumberland Blues
Rock ‘n’ Roll Blues (PL)
Two-Time Loser (BL)
New Speedway Boogie (JG)
Casey Jones (CR)

Jam >
Shakedown Street (CR) >
Masons Children >
Althea (CR)
Eyes of the World (PL) >
Born Cross Eyed (JG) >
Dark Star >
A Day In The Life (instrumental) >
Dark Star >
Help On The Way (JG) >
Slipknot! >
Franklin’s Tower (PL & JG)

Phil Lesh donor wrap up.

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad >
And We Bid You Good Night

setlist updated with data from Grahame Lesh and The Phil Zone


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  1. T Zimmer says:

    Jackie Greene and Chris Robinson

  2. Peter Oshman says:

    This show was simply off the hook! My mind is blown!

    They laid it down like I have never heard it. The show absolutely rocked. Phil had a giant grin on his face. The feeling I was getting was what I assume it must have been like back in the 60’s at some of the smaller venues the Dead played, but the with all due respect to Jerry et al, the music was better last night.

  3. MintyQuinty says:

    Not listed above in the personnel is Chris Robinson. He was on stage for most of both sets, though he did leave at certain points in both.

    Also shown in the picture, but not listed in the setlist was the 1st closer, “Casey Jones.” One of the most rocking and rollicking CJ finishes I have ever seen or heard.

    The “Peter Gunn” running thru “Cumberland” was delicious, almost subversive. But for me, the highlight was definitely Phil’s exuberant and gleeful demeanor. Never seen him so relaxed and happy and downright giddy. I hate to think of dishing out a buck-fifty for any show, but this one was worth it for me. I hope others enjoyed it as much.

  4. Grateful Dave says:

    I wonder what all of you charge for your services which you have worked so hard to perfect for over 30 years? Come on?? Folks pay this much for one fine meal out in SF for Grateful sake! “keep on dancin thru to daylight, greet the mornin air with song…” Just like Chris Voigt — This is the soundtrack for my life as well. – So blessed for growing in SF Bay area in the early 70’s with the Dead!!

    Grateful Dave

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