(originally published on Deadheadland 2.0 4/20/2009)

Today is 4/20  and for many it is also a holiday of sorts, a cause to celebrate!  Why?

Why is this Day different than all other days…

  1. Why on other days we may be all babylon or feelin’ irie, but on this day – only feel  irie?
  2. Why on other days do we speak of many  herbs, but on this day we speak of one specific herb?
  3. Why on other days do we  partake only once, but on this day we might partake twice? (4:20 am & pm!)
  4. Why on other days do we sit  or chillax’, but on this day, we mostly just kick it and chillax’ with our buds?

Let My People Grow

4:19 and holding….

What does 4:20 and 4/20 mean to you and why?
Do you know the history of the 4:20 ?

Please use the comment space below and share what it’s all about to you.

Thank you and please have a SAFE holiday.  You can never be too safe, y’know?



‘s 4:20 Somewhere