Furthur tribute to Alice D. Millionaire himself, OwsleyOK, So Furthur is NOT The Dead.  We get that – and it’s OK at DHL!  Glad they are always going Furthur than we’ve gone before…

Last night’s show featured musical tribute to the recently passed Saint of Lysergic Sound and Deadhead belt buckles, Augustus Owsley Stanley III.

Firstly, the show featured the song “Alice D. Millionaire”,  whose title came from a newspaper headline referring to Owsley as an “LSD MILLIONAIRE” in 1966.  In fact, this song has remained virtually un-played since that time, except for Phil and Friends pulling it out once in 2001.

The real treat though, was to hear our buddy Jeff Pehrson belting out Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse”, along with beautiful support from Sunshine Becker  (and the rest of the band).

Jeff and Sunshine “Eclipse” Furthur


Jeff Pehrson of FurthurJeff joined Furthur at the rehearsal gigs in San Rafael and Mill Valley in May 2010, and then the Deadheads got their first official taste of Jeff at Furthur Festival

Jeff Pehrson also is in the band The Fall Risk, where he really gets to show off his accomplishments singing and songwriting. The Fall Risk is playing Friday 4/22/2011 at The Connecticut Yankee in San Francisco. And when Jeff is not busy with Furthur and The Fall Risk, he is busy getting ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his OTHER band, Box Set!  (Stay tuned to DHL for some exclusive Box Set news… soon!)  

Sunshine Becker, who did some singing with Jeff and Box Set almost 20 years ago, joined Furthur in December 2009, at the Mill Valley rehearsals right before the New Years Eve show.  She has been on tour with them ever since.   Sunshine also sings with Bay Area’s acappella favorite’s, SoVoSo  as well as the hard rocking Passenger.    DHL will let you know when they play next… stay tuned!

Sunshine Becker of Furthur