Cubensis/Moonalice Poster by D. Brenner Art and Design

Darrin is the incredible artist who donated her talents to create much of the Dedheadland banner art.
Darrin also has done years of incredible poster art, including posters for High Sierra Music Festival
and the Rex Foundation.

Darrin has created a REMARKABLE body of work for the band Cubensis , Cubensis at King Tuts Pupas well as many other bands, from The Eagles to Godsmack.

Darrin served as the artist in collaboration on the Dark Star t-shirts and stickers sold in the happeningest places on earth.  Even better than that, she is an awesome mom (from what I can tell), and it is my honor to know she is also a good friend.

In 2010 Darrin hired MarkoVision to launch her new website  at DeeArtist.com

You can see much of her work on her site, and also be her fan on Facebook (click here).

If you need a graphic artist, especially for Rock Art, Darrin is a great choce.

Thank you Darrin!   Have a hippie one Darrin!

Happycat Hippie Birthday Party by D. Brenner Art and Design

^  Darrin did this poster for Happycat’s Birthday celebration at Red Rocks!!!

Jerry^ One of Darrin’s best known pieces, her Jerry portrait was part of the shrine at Jerry Day 2010, and is available on posters from www.Stealicon.com