image One long set, no encore.  Furthur  rocked the park, and this was also the first time ever a “Grateful Dead” band played in the park at night, with the show starting in the evening, a little after the scheduled 7:30 start,  and going right up to 10:00 pm, which is the sound curfew on the permit Outside Lands Festival has in the park.   Reports that lots of the crowd were not Deadheads can be evidenced by the amount of chatting overheard in these video clips.  

Being as that we were just a few days into a Ramadan moon, and the location, certain songs were predicted by our experts at Deadheadland, including the complete Terrapin Suite (“From the northwest corner, or a brand new crescent moon…”), thought they did avoid the cliche of a “Standing on the Moon” (“Somewhere in San francisco…just looking up at heaven, at this crescent in the sky”). 

Since the Mt. Aire debut of the complete and full Terrapin suite, it has become their “showpiece” this summer.  Terrapin always was the grandest of epics, though historically only the first 3 parts have been played (“Lady With A Fan”, “Terrapin Station”, “Terrapin”), though most setlists simply refer to this as “Terrapin Station” or “Lady with a Fan”.  Ratdog often did a nearly full Terrapin, including the Terrapin Flyer and At A siding movements – through in a “Terrapin Transit” in the middle, wrap it with “Terrapin Refrain” and you got the whole thing, running at 20 minutes more or less – and truly desrving the overused phrase EPIC.

Furthur performed this a few times this summer, even doing a split version – the old school “LWAF>Terrapin Stattion” at a Friday night gig at All Good Music Festival in West Virginia, and picking up at “Terrapin” and the rest at the Mann Center in Philadelphia two nights later.  A musical sandwich for the weekend!

That was the one thing that was almost a given at this show in San Francisco.  The show otherwise was full of surprises.  No one would have called the “Cassidy” opener  (I think Cassidy Law’s birthday is right around now, perhaps…?)  and the big surprise was the cover of Pink Floyd’s “Time” – not new to Furthur, though not expected…

Please enjoy these clips!  We will rejoin Furthur on Fall Tour part 1 beginning Sept. 16th in Eugene OR.