Rhythm Devils
Britt Festival, Jacksonville Oregon

Bill Kreutzmann
Mickey Hart
Keller Williams
Sikiru Adepoju
Davy Knowles
Andy Hess


Set 1
8:19:25 PM
: Uncle Johns Band
8:20:01 PM: ? Mickey song ?
8:22:57 PM: Scarlet Begonias >
8:23:44 PM: Fire on the Mountain
8:34:01 PM: Ticket to Nowhere (?) (Keller Williams)
9:09:29 PM: Lose Lucy
9:10:22 PM: Wrecking Crew (?) Davy Knowles song
9:11:19 PM: Break (grate so far… Light and bubbley! )

9:48:04 PM: Set 2
9:48:43 PM: Alligator
9:49:15 PM: Iko Iko
9:55:43 PM: Easy Wind
9:58:24 PM: Cortez the Killer
10:02:09 PM: Brown Eyed Women
10:06:33 PM: Gotta Get to your House (?) (Keller Williams song)
10:14:06 PM: See you Again (?) (Davy Knowles song)
10:20:49 PM: Good Lovin’

10:33:09 PM: E: Lovelight 

“…incredible they’re this good at their third show! they’re taking the music way furthur than furthur!!!”

“…these guys are playing Grateful Dead music liberated, while Furthur’s playing it enshrined…”

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