The String Cheese Incident photo: C. Taylor Crothers 2005

DHL is happy that String Cheese Incident is playing, if only for a few shows.  Rothbury last year was incredible, and proved they are seeking QUALITY over QUANTITY.

Only 8 INCIDENTS this year.

Red Rocks in Morrison Colorado 7/23-7/25 (3)

Horning’s Hideout in Oregon, 7/29-8/1 (3)

Halloween at Hampton Coliseum  (2)

There are tickets available still for Hampton…
Red Rocks and Hornings: SOLD OUT!

Sad you won’t be there? don’t be!

YOU can go to all of them, for less $ than one show?

  • No airfare or hotel bills
  • Shortest beer and bathroom lines EVAH!
  • Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em
    • whatever, wherever
  • Your favorite drinks/eats
    • prices just like your local store! 
  • No Search Upon Entry
    • unless you are into that sort of thing
  • No drum circle to keep you up all night!
    • unless your neighbors don’t mind
  • No drunken wooks!
    • unless you are one
    • or just like having them over
  • No waiting in line to get an awesome show poster!

Couch Tour on puts you ONE STEP CLOSER
to seeing String Cheese Incident  this summer!  Pay per view broadcasts of each show – at a very fair price.  Watch LIVE streaming on the internet, and this is not some kid with an iPhone or webcam, this is a quality ‘cast with kick ass sound!  Despite a few glitches at All Good (weather took out a satellite, whatcha gonna do?) – has done a very good job of delivering good quality picture and sound… everyone enjoyed Furthur from Nateva immensely! 

Here’s the Deal

They are offering up EVERY SCI show in 2010, at $7.99 per show, or as little as $45 for all 8.   You can also get a good deal on each weekend as a package, $15 for all three Red Rocks shows, $20 for 3 nights at Horning’s Hideout (including streaming of other acts on the bill), $10 for both Halloween shows.  There are also some great deals on Premium Packages that includes posters from the shows. 

Pretty damn cool, and reasonably priced if you ask me!

AND – the shows will be available on an online archive, to view for 12 months! So even if you GO TO THE SHOWS, this is still worth it, because you can watch the shows over and over for a year!

The String Cheese Incident – LIVE! Online Pay Per View Concert Series

Broadcast Package Options
Red Rocks – July 23rd – $7.99
Red Rocks – July 24th – $7.99
Red Rocks – July 25th – $7.99
Red Rocks – Full Pass – $15.00

Horning’s Hideout – July 30th – $7.99
Horning’s Hideout – July 31st – $7.99
Horning’s Hideout – August 1st – $7.99
Horning’s Hideout – Full Pass – $20.00

Hulaween – Oct. 29th – $7.99
Hulaween – Oct. 30th – $7.99
Hulaween – Full Pass – $10.00

All Access Pass – $45.00  < – best deal to enjoy the music
Premium All Access Pass -$ 60.00 
includes every show and one show poster
Super Premium All Access Pass – $100.00 <- amazing deal for poster collectors!
includes every show plus signed posters from each venue

All Performances will be available on the iClips Premium Archive for 12 months.
Purchasing a pass for the live broadcast will automatically unlock the archive in your account once it becomes available.  Tickets for The String Cheese Incident’s Hulaween shows on October 29th and 30th are still available. For more ticketing information please visit

press release from

Coming off of The String Cheese Incident’s huge return to the stage last summer at ROTHBURY, the band will play a handful of select dates in 2010: Colorado’s historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre on July 23rd, 24th and 25th, Horning’s Hideout, outside of Portland, Oregon on July 30th, 31st and August 1st, and Hampton Coliseum during Halloween weekend. Tickets for Red Rocks and Horning’s Hideout sold out in just minutes, and Hampton Coliseum seats are moving quickly.

But there is good news for SCI fans who can’t make it to the shows – iClips has teamed up with The String Cheese Incident to broadcast every show in 2010.

Broadcasts are available for $7.99 per show, or bundle your purchases: $15 for all three Red Rocks shows, $20 for 3 nights at Horning’s Hideout (including streaming of other acts on the bill), $10 for both Halloween shows. ‘

Also, choose a $45 all access pass for every show in 2010, $60 premium all access which includes every show and one show poster, or $100 super premium all access which includes every show plus signed posters from each venue.

Stay Tuned to Deadheadland

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