CIMG0495 Topanga Earth Day festival now in it’s 11th year, was wonderful on Saturday!  Great beautiful people, amazing energy.  Topanga is a very unique  place, really part of Los Angeles, though they dont always like to admit it.  All sorts of alternative thoughts and lifestyles exist in the Canyon.  Topanga never lost the hippie vibe, yeah though it has changed some, it has also remained true in spirit.Topanga has hippie spirit

It was a great place to see Moonalice!  As noted by Chubby Wombat , the tribe is in alignment with Topanga!

I left late, and then hit traffic. It seemed kind of anti-earth day to sit in traffic on PCH… I resisted the urge to turn back, go home, and seek out an illegal Wanee stream, and continue the couch tour…

No! I can make it,  I will see the tribe!  I’ll be there sometime, at least by 4:20…


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