Questions and rumors are flying, as they usually do in the Phil Zone.  Jay Lane is leaving.  Was it personal?  Will Phil hire John Molo away from Moonalice ?  Who thinks who sucks?  Why does Phil bother with the Ritter?   

Then a “newbie ” (based on the number of posts) to the Zone steps in to clarify.  This Newbie happens to be Phil Lesh.  Gotta love that Phil steps in to the zone. 

Here is a summary of what Phil confirmed:
Jay Lane is leaving Furthur to play in Primus.  Jay told Bobby the news on the bus at the end of Winter Tour; Phil found out the day before the birthday show.  Phil loved playing with Jay, and also supports him in doing what is best for him.  So in effect, Phil’s Birthday show was Jay’s last Furthur show…

Regarding Furthur’s percussion:   Phil and Bobby “…are of one mind. Joe Russo…”. 

Phil stated he and Bobby are both fans of the single drummer Billy Kreutzmann years, implying that Furthur was going that direction.  He did mention:  “I don’t mean to denigrate Mickey in any way; I. too, love the magic and mojo he brought to the band.. ”

Phil mentioned the intention to keep Zoe Ellis and Sunshine Garcia Becker:
“I think so, but they both have babies, and are still trying to work out their personal logistics.”

Covering the Bass’s:
I discovered that the Ritter wasn’t getting out front as well as I’d like; it sounded great on stage but not in the PA. I’m thankful I had the Modulus to go back to.

Phil said that he will try and bring  Lazy Lightning>Supplication into the next rehearsal cycle.

Phil had to go to see his son’s band playing in the city last night (Maiden Lane , formerly Vice)

 And Phil also reminded us to check Furthur’s site this morning for line-up nad ticket news about Futhur Festival. Here is the news


Furthur Headlining Both Nights

Also on the bill: Electric Hot Tuna, Jackie Greene, Galactic, Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams, Mark Karan & Jemimah Puddleduck, The Mother Hips, The Waybacks, Common Rotation, Carney, Maiden Lane, Blue Light River.