Furthur! #fb on TwitpicReuben and cherise! #furthur #fb on Twitpic
7:56:03 PM: Set 1

7:56:31 PM: Picasso Moon
8:05:20 PM: Dupree’s Diamond Blues
8:12:50 PM: Friend of the Devil
8:18:12 PM: Mama Tried
8:23:37 PM: Built to Last
8:28:36 PM: Black Throated Wind
8:37:49 PM: Peaceful Valley 
8:45:48 PM: Passenger

8:53:28 PM: setbreak
9:38:48 PM: set 2 #fb

9:39:11 PM: Scarlet Begonias >
9:50:34 PM: Fire on the Mountain >
10:03:20 PM: Hell in a Bucket
10:14:04 PM: West L.A. Fadeaway
10:24:41 PM: Reuben and Cherise
10:35:54 PM: Days Between
10:48:09 PM: China Cat Sunflower >
10:53:18 PM: I Know You Rider

11:05:38 PM: Donor Rap
11:08:13 PM: E: Knocking on Heavens Door
11:14:47 PM: Touch of Grey

11:29:20 PM: outstanding help from Deadheadland Kent! Thanks to to @DiveGal and for some pictures from @BrianFeller #fb

11:30:14 PM: What a great tour – is it done already?

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