Setlist has been updated and finalized – I think. 
See 2/19/2010 Phakecast here: 

5:17:29 PM: Set 1

5:17:53 PM: Not Fade Away >
5:24:12 PM: Althea>
5:36:06 PM: New Minglewood Blues
6:03:46 PM: Dire Wolf
                              Brown Eyed Women
6:05:08 PM: Friend of the Devil
6:08:33 PM: Cassidy
6:15:11 PM: Casey Jones

6:23:27 PM: setbreak

Set 2
                             Lost Sailor>
7:05:51 PM: Saint of Circumstance>
7:15:01 PM: New Speedway Boogie >
7:30:29 PM: King Solomon’s Marbles
7:39:00 PM: Caution (Do Not Stop on the Tracks)>
7:47:51 PM: Dark Star (v.1 & v.2) >
8:12:02 PM: The Other One >
8:19:06 PM: Let It Grow >
8:33:19 PM: Not Fade Away

8:41:03 PM: Donor Rap
8:41:43 PM: E: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

8:49:31 PM: thanks to david. for updates and everyone on – and and too! whoo-hoo! worldwide #furthur party!
8:50:54 PM: always grateful! (~);}

Note: times are west coast, as is the server this site is on.   they are not an accurate track timing, rather a record of when the website recieved the post.