Setlist final confirmed via lesh_list:

Furthur – 2/13/10 Patriot Center- Fairfax, VA

Set 1:
Playin In The Band
Wang Dang Doodle
Friend Of The Devil
Greatest Story Ever Told
Ship Of Fools
Sittin On Top Of The World
New Speedway Boogie

Set 2
Help On The Way
St Stephen
The Eleven
So Many Roads
Let it Grow
Playing reprise #2
—-very short donor rap.. band doesn’t leave stage…..
Johnny B. Goode

5:19:40 PM: Set 1

5:19:55 PM: Playin’ in the Band
5:32:18 PM: Wang Dang Doodle
5:39:44 PM: Friend of the Devil
5:47:00 PM: Greatest Story Ever Told
5:54:28 PM: Ship of Fools
6:10:55 PM: Sittin’ On top of the World
6:11:24 PM: Truckin’
                            New Speedway Boogie

7:15:23 PM: Set 2
7:15:47 PM: Help on the Way
7:25:45 PM: Slipknot!
7:33:39 PM: > Franklin’s Tower
7:37:08 PM: Cassidy
7:49:21 PM: Lovelight
7:59:18 PM: St. Stephen
8:12:38 PM: > Revolution
8:22:13 PM: > The Eleven
8:29:25 PM: So Many Roads
8:37:02 PM: Let it Grow
8:56:10 PM: Playin’ in The Band (reprise)
8:57:23 PM: Donor Rap
8:59:07 PM: E: Johnny B. Goode

9:12:00 PM: Thanks again to Leslie! She was stellar!
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