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4:21:07 PM: Shakedown Street

4:34:45 PM: I Need a Miracle

4:41:21 PM: Til the Morning Comes

4:47:11 PM: Stuck Outside of Mobile, with the Memphis Blues Again

4:57:19 PM: Dire Wolf
5:02:05 PM: Picasso Moon

5:12:23 PM: Big Railroad Blues
5:19:18 PM: Two Djinn

5:40:11 PM: setbreak

6:04:39 PM: Set 2
6:17:53 PM: Scarlet Begonias

6:29:41 PM: > West L.A. Fadeaway
6:40:42 PM: Masons Children
6:53:50 PM: > Dark Star
7:05:07 PM: >Dear Mr. Fantasy
7:16:13 PM: King Solomons Marbles
7:26:29 PM: Days Between
7:39:23 PM: > Viola Lee Blues
                              >Dark Star
7:52:39 PM: > Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

8:04:08 PM: Donor Rap
E: And We Bid You Good Night

8:12:04 PM: So grateful: Leslie D., Michael T. setlist helpers! | @JenStringer @thebutterroom – pictures & sound bytes! & @stealicon @deadheadland

8:14:10 PM: Grateful: John and Jay and Jeff and Joe and Jeff and Zoe and Sunshine and Phil and Bobby and all their crew!