Feb 052010

Setlist Final:
Soundcheck :
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Mason’s Children
Reuben and Cerise
Deep Elem Blues
Ashes and Glass
Ramble on Rose
start of King Solomon’s Marbles

Jam >
Born Cross Eyed >
Music Never Stopped >
Ramble On Rose >
The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)>
Dear Mr Fantasy >
On The Road Again >
Franklin’s Tower

Set 2
Throwing Stones >
Viola Lee Blues >
Masons Children >
Viola Lee Blues
Good Lovin’
Lady with a Fan >
Terrapin Station
Shakedown Street
China Cat Sunflower >
I know you Rider

Donor Rap
E: Ripple

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FURTHUR = EPIC! on Twitpic4:26:29 PM: Set 1

Born Cross Eyed

4:32:30 PM: Music Never Stopped

4:42:08 PM: >Ramble On Rose

4:50:09 PM: The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion

4:58:01 PM: > Dear Mr. Fantasy

5:17:56 PM: >On The Road Again

5:28:12 PM: > Franklin’s Tower

5:28:51 PM: – set break –
#FURTHUR MIAMI set 2 on Twitpic
6:27:22 PM: Set 2

6:34:10 PM: Throwin’ Stones >

6:35:21 PM: Viola Lee Blues>

6:57:30 PM:  Mason’s Children >

6:59:38 PM:  Viola Lee Blues

7:00:03 PM:  Good Lovin’

7:06:11 PM: Lady with a Fan
7:21:07 PM: > Terrapin Station #fb

7:31:10 PM: > Shakedown Street #fb

7:36:14 PM: > China Cat Sunflower #fb

7:44:52 PM: > I Know You Rider #fb

7:52:44 PM: E: Ripple

8:07:12 PM: thanks @LizGD and @TylerCurtis and @adammoskowitz and The Phil Zone and Dead.net and ALL OF YOU! #fb

8:08:19 PM: Bobby Phil John Joe Jay Jeff Zoe and Sunshine – thank you! #furthur

deadheads | (~);}


  1. Z says:

    Sick setlist, sick show, come back please!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BoxofRain says:

    Fantasy sets, incredible, spine-tingling fever pitch jams, that indescribable energy–finally, the Jerry presence we needed and craved so badly is playin in the band!


  3. hey! i was just randomly searching google for the link to the recording on archive.org and i see you used my picture! although my blackberry couldn’t capture the vibe, the visual of bayfront and their light show with the backdrop of miami was literallt breathtaking! the cool breeze flowing off the water only helped the all around mood, and besides a few grumps, no one minded the sprinkling of rain – as long as the music kept flowing too! it was an absolute honor to be a part of the Furthur tour opener. 02/05/10!

    1. thanks Adam! Very few people were posting or tweeting that night, yours was the only picture I found, hope you don’t mind It links back to your Twitpic account too. Thanks you for posting it! We will be following all the shows here, so check back tonight for the Atlanta sets. (~);}

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