Dec 282009

8:34:15 PM: Playin’ in the Band #fb

8:34:33 PM: Bertha #fb

8:39:56 PM: Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo #fb

8:49:35 PM: Promised Land #fb

8:56:40 PM: Cryptical Envelopment #fb

8:58:35 PM: The Faster We Go The Rounder We Get (The Other One) #fb

9:17:24 PM: We Leave the Castle #fb

9:20:40 PM: Unbroken Chain #fb

9:35:54 PM: Let It Grow #fb

9:50:16 PM: Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion #fb

9:55:09 PM: Viola Lee Blues #fb

10:06:21 PM: th-th-th-th-that’s all folks! #fb

10:07:25 PM: thanks to Shane from Deadheadland for AWESOME texting the last two nights!!! #fb

10:09:44 PM: ENCORE! Deep Elem Blues #fb

deadheads | (~);}


  1. Brian Fulco says:

    I am so psyched that I found This site is an archivists dream. Thank you for having it down to the second and immediately. Happy New Year 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The times are the time Twitter posts to my Live Blog… and may not be accurate! Thanks though, I still think you will have lots to explore here! And more is being added!

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