It was so exciting to be at the Fox Theatre last September for the very first show from the new combo, Furthur.  The excitement was palpable in the pre-show buzz, and the crowd was electric, and unsure.  The tension mounts… the lights came down… and out they came… and for the next 10 minutes, Bobby and Phil began, the opening jam into another leg of the long strange trip…

I renamed this clip of the opening jam as “Furthur Overture”.

It really is an overture, and if you listen closely, like in a theatrical overture, all the themes for the night are hinted at during this 10 minute musical exploration by Bob Weir and Phil Lesh, They are creating and opening the space to invite in the other players, and us. I was surprised by how popular this video is, and attributed it to it being first in the playlist. I even joked that it is a sign of how many people started the Furthur playlist and then quickly clicked away! But then I listened again… and it took me Furthur. Thank you Bob and Phil!

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