The finalists in the Album run were the names of the camps at Festival 8: Purple Rain, Electric Ladyland, Kid A, Auracular Spectacular, Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Hunky Dory, Exile On Main Street, Larks Tongue In Aspic.  On Friday, the night before, Trey teased the crowd about playing a hint as the band broke into “David Bowie” – but the hint was that they would not be doing Hunky Dory.  I was leaning toward Purple Rain, as a crowd pleaser. But, the secret was out late Friday, and confirmed by the phake Playbill on early Saturday Morning, Exile would be the winner.   And what a winner it was! While not everyone “knew” it (except for “happy” and “tumblin’ dice” and of course, “loving cup” – which was perhaps phish’s best ever version!) the album rocked, and rolled, and bluesed and grooved in many ways.   I would encourage you to buy the official download from the band for the full effect of the music, and the seemingly well rehearsed rendition of all these great Stones songs. Meanwhile, here are a few amateur video clips of most of the album “costume”, presented here for your education only. 

Follow this link to learn more about the album
Rolling Stones: Exile On Main Street