4:43:15 PM: Playing in the band #fb

4:56:42 PM: Mississipi Halfstep Uptown Toodleloo #fb

5:06:40 PM: new speedway boogie #fb

5:18:39 PM: Shakedown Street #fb

5:32:57 PM: Duprees Diamond Blues #fb

5:40:18 PM: Hard to Handle #fb

5:49:07 PM: Friend of the Devil #fb

5:55:01 PM: Playin’ Reprise #fb

6:23:11 PM: – set break – #fb

6:50:28 PM: Jack Straw #fb

6:58:47 PM: alligator #fb

7:08:27 PM: Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks) #fb

7:08:27 PM: Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks) #fb

7:39:30 PM: Drums > space #fb

7:39:41 PM: loose lucy #fb

7:48:20 PM: Comes a Time #fb

7:57:38 PM: Cold Rain and Snow #fb

7:57:38 PM: Cold Rain and Snow #fb

8:06:09 PM: sugar magnolia #fb

8:19:33 PM: E: box of rain

8:28:15 PM: Great show! Thanks BrianB & MelissaL – Deadheadland-ians in Philly! happycat-brian running the tweetdeck & PHAKECAST @deadheadland #fb

8:31:57 PM: thanks for awesome updates and support to @tourtweet @Joyus814 @thedeadblog & all the kids in DEADHEADLAND wherever you go there you are #fb

8:42:11 PM: 5/2/2009 The Dead – The Spectrum Philadelphia PA – Doors 6pm, Show 7:30PM. LIVE Simulcast on Sirius/XM http://tinyurl.com/deadsirius

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