Be where you are.  We bring the “shows” to you….

We will recreate the show for you ALMOST LIVE! using the newest in PHAKECAST 2.0 technology we will attempt to bring the concert to you via any device you can go online with! Deadheadlands own netjockeys will comb the matrix and glean the set list from The Dead’s show in DC right before your very eyes….

just a set list? with PHAKECAST we bend time, space, reality to bring you the show – via a carefully selected mix of YouTube videos – many featuring Jerry Garcia himself! Possible appearances by Brent, Kieth, T.C., Pigpen, special guests…. and if the Boys in DC do something new…. well, um… we are just not prepared for that (emotionally speaking.)

In many ways the PHAKECAST may be better than the actual concert….

  • NO W00KIES – unless you have your own. or are one…
  • NO NITROUS – unless you like it, and have your own…
  • NO SEARCH ON THE WAY IN!!! unless you… y’know!

and best of all… no ticket surcharges!
(Just send me face value!)

Viewing terminals will be placed on websites near you! or

just want the song names?

A fun way to stay tuned in, before you get to download the real thing!
Official Live Download Soundboards: OFFICIAL DEAD.NET STORE – buy each show, or buy the whole tour!

Audience recordings are availabnle on the Live Music Archive (LMA) of the Internet Archive – The Dead LMA

Another in the PHENOMENAL PHAKECAST series….
be there when
stay right where you are
don’t click that mouse. oh, ok, go ahead, refresh.

We will recreate the show for you ALMOST LIVE!

Our technology enables us to do this for you! It might be better than the show itself… it certainly will cost less.  And it is a virtual good time!!!