Deadheadland the world over is buzzin’ – good, bad, and many thoughts between. One thing is certain, Deadheads still miss Jerry. Two things are certain – Deadheads do not all agree!

Got into a little thing over on good old old one of the original online Dead related discussions, going back to the pre-Welnickonian period – and I espoused my simple happycat! gratitude attitude. and was told that “punks like” me are the ones that “made” someone else stop going to shows…

Sorry to enjoy “your” band man, guess people like me ruined the scene back in the 80’s.
And thanks for knowing enough about me to know I am a hippie with an inner punker!

Anyway, needless to re-iterate, I love The Dead, Grateful Dead, Phil and Friends, Planet Drum, Mystery Box, you name it – even Ratdog!!!! LOVE THEM!!! (most nights, not all…I am not on rose-colored-doses – but I do see the stage as more than half full!)

OK – haters? give it up… you got an empty cup… Billy Bobby, Mickey Phil…

OK, so where to get the show:
Official Live Download Soundboards: OFFICIAL DEAD.NET STORE only $14.50!

BT download Audience: 4/12/2009 The Dead, Greensboro

I am sure there are more sources for AUD recordings being uploaded as we speak!

Feel free to comment below, negative views of the show OK as long as you are honest and not mean.
Ain’t no time to hate!

ADDENDUM 4/14/09 –  Here is a great source for a BitTorrent of the show:  4/12/2009 Dead Greensboro, NC Torrent